This is the part of my portfolio where you go: “Should i read this?, damn, it’s too long...”

Guess what? I am a writer and i need to show you i can do my job. Here’s a short story for you...

A ride with Dexter.

So I wanted the chicken tenders but I was missing the flare, the spark, the unmistakable  honey mustard. “Luckily “ my fancy condo has one of those “I rip you off markets” in the lobby, so Dexter, a close friend and I went to get it.

It was cold as fuck in there, as usual, and we weren’t looking for anything extra but that genius invention to top our tenders.

When we got to the register her ass was looking at me before hand. She turned around and with a completely serious tone of voice she said “Here hold your son” and she put a Chiwawa in my arms. The cashier froze and the other girl stopped sweeping without understanding what was happening.

Immediately after introducing my lost son in my arms she looked at me and pointed her lips at me as waiting for a romantic kiss. I froze again ,there was a long lasting silence and I said “Your dog is shaking”. She turned around and started using the counter as a pole dance-rocking ass from side to side. The dog? Still shaking, the cashier still frozen, the lady with the broom? still not understanding, myself? even more confused. I had to break the ice and that’s where the real man that deeply lives in me stepped in.

“Do you have any honey mustard?” i asked loudly, There was no response...

I now knew it was time to go, I gently interrupted her provocative dance leaving my lost son, again, in her custody hoping I would never have to see him or her again. I left the market and Dexter was still there, speechless. “Man, did this hole thing really happened? . Yes it did, Yes it did…he answered back as we got to the elevator to dine those dry chicken tenders.


If this wasn’t enough you can read the following manifesto that i wrote for Domtar, one of the biggest and oldest paper company in the world. This was one of the options we presented for their web page.

A factory of dreams.

Don’t tell us that you can’t do it. 

Don’t tell us that it’s impossible to make it.

A dream doesn’t magically become reality over night. 

It takes hard work, determination, tenacity — it takes grit. 

 Dreams define us, inspire us, and push our limits. 

Limits that this proud paper company crossed in 1848, when we decided that this was a one-way trip. 

And yes, we stumbled plenty along the way, but our greatest triumph has been standing up again, and again, and again. 

 It was our dream to be a family, and we grew as strong as the family that has been pushing in the same direction for more than a century.

So go ahead. Dream up that perfect house, dream up the menu for the restaurant you’ve always wanted to own, dream up all the ways you’ll give back to the community that made you who you are today. 

Dream up nothing but the very best, because everything starts with a pen to paper. 

The rest comes from the resilience you carry inside, and the support system you build. 

We’re here for you to count on along the way. We live for the grind, the desire for constant improvement, the relentless search for progress. We’ll be there when you need a partner, when you need a place to share your most sacred dreams. We’re the paper you can trust. Coming together is only the beginning, working together is the best thing to come.